The Old College Try

This journey started along time ago when I was much, much younger. The year was 2014, winter was in full swing and I was teaching 4th grade in Fort Collins, Colorado. An email arrived in my inbox asking if there were district employees interested in teaching abroad in Germany. After conferring with my wife, I elected to attend an informational meeting about the program and exchange. Me and my wife prayed on it and decided to wait until the following school year to apply. Bekkie was just finishing college and it wasn’t great timing with my job.
This last winter, me and Bekkie began telling people about the plan to apply, first my principal and my team mates who thought it would be an opportunity of a lifetime, but made it vocal they did not want me to go, then our parents. Bekkie’s family was excited for the opportunity for us and to come visit. My parents’ response was a little different. We were riddled with questions and reasons why and even a thin layer of guilt for wanting to leave. All of this was to be expected with all the time we have spent together and their help with watching our boys. Not only that but, there is presently only about one mile separating us. I understood. Taking the grandkids who they saw weekly away for a possibility of two years would be hard.
In the end, Bekkie and I knew that this opportunity would be worth it. There would be challenges, and I’m sure we’ll miss our families as much as they’ll miss us, but if we didn’t go for it, we’d always wonder what would have happened if we did. So, in January I applied to JFK International School. Off the email went, full of attachments, to Berlin, while we sat and waited to hear some sort of reply of wither this was in the cards for us. This whole process was a big step for me and I knew it would be for the family as well. At the time, I wasn’t sure I’d get the job, but I thought my chances were good at landing an interview.



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