The Interview

It was a mild overcast day, the kind of February in Colorado where no coat is needed, maybe just a hoodie or a sport coat. Before I left the Jeep and walked into my interview I got a encouraging phone call from my father in-law, Bruce wishing me luck and prayers. I psyched myself up full of mental positivity for a important interview.

My hands shook when I signed into the reception area, and took a few deep breaths while I waited nearby for the interview to start. As I sat there in my fitted grey suit with a baby blue bow tie, I tried to think of three really good questions to ask my interviewer. I felt pretty confident in regards to my teaching experience and the school itself in Berlin. I did my homework. But first interviews are tough. My mind raced, trying to recall the few German language lessons I’d taken with Bekkie.

Then the receptionist called my name. The principal was ready to see me.

I followed the receptionist through a narrow hallway to a board room and the interview with Mr. Roth began. The interview was intimate with just the two of us. The first part was about my teaching history, what I have taught and where. Sprinkled in there I discussed the many differences in my teaching history as far as socioeconomic and diversity of my classrooms and the communities. Mr. Roth seemed taken aback. I seemed to be saying everything he wanted to hear.

As the interview progressed I felt like the possibility for teaching abroad was becoming very good. Knock on wood! Between questions Mr. Roth continued to say something along the lines of, “You seem like a perfect fit at JFK, it’s a shame we didn’t come to Fort Collins sooner in the interview process. We always find great teachers here.” I got the feeling that the limited number of positions were filled already from the schools US tour of job fairs in major cities like San Francisco and Chicago.

We neared the end of the interview and Mr. Roth asked about my family and told me I should hear back before the month’s end. Then I unleashed my questions to Mr. Roth about the school and Germany. We shook hands and he walked me out, complimented my stylish attire and we parted.

I sat in the parking lot in my green Jeep Wrangler. I can’t say I did anything wrong or think of things I would have said different or wish I could redo which was a first! I have always left interviews and, after I relax a bit, pick apart what could have been different to make it better.  I called Bekkie to tell her how it went and my perception of the interview. I mentioned it went very well, but I felt that the positions were already filled and explain my reasoning for this. Either way we would find out in two to three weeks, towards the end of February.



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