We Got the Job!

“I got an email today.” Tyler walked through the grange door and set his things down.
“Oh, yeah?” I peered over my shoulder, turning that night’s fajita vegetables in the sauté pan.
Tyler smiled.
He kept smiling.
“What? Who emailed you?” For all I knew, he’d made a good sale on Craigslist, not an uncommon occurrence in our house.
“It was from our HR department. They forwarded me an email from the principal in Berlin.”
“About what?”
“They had another position open up. They’re wondering if I’m still interested.”
“Really? What did you say?”
Tyler shrugged. I could smell the fajita veggies burning a little, but my attention was elsewhere.
“I told them that I was, and asked for more details.”
“So we might be going? Like, really going to Berlin, Germany?”
A few days later we got the “formal” offer for a third or fourth grade position at JFK International School, and, with nervous hands, Tyler wrote back… “I would be honored to accept the position. Thank you for this opportunity…” We’d have a few months to get things in order and move to Germany.
Weeks before, moving seemed easy. In my head, I’d written lists of things to be done, what we should sell, donate or try to take with us. But that all changed. Suddenly three months didn’t seem long enough to move our lives.
I sat down that night, Tyler at my side, and wrote a new list: sell the house, sell the cars, call and cancel auto insurance…
“When do you think we should tell our jobs?” Tyler asked.
“When do you think we should tell the kids?” I added.
We sat in silence for a minute. “I think we tell our jobs as soon as possible. Give them time.” I suggested. “And tell the kids after that. We don’t want them to have to keep it a secret.”
Tyler nodded. “What if your job asks you to leave early?”
“I don’t know.” I’d only been working at Grace Place for seven months. They’d taken great care of me, even sent me to California for a conference just one month prior. I’d feel bad if I waited too long. I wanted to give them time to find a replacement for my position. If that happened quickly, I guess I’d have to be okay with that.
Besides, we were going to need to tell the boys sooner rather than later. Give them time to get used to the idea of moving halfway around the world.
“So when should we do this?” Tyler’s question drew me back into our conversation.
“Monday?” I threw out. “I have a meeting that morning.”
“Okay. Monday.”
“And the kids on Sunday?”
Tyler agreed.
In the next room I could hear our boys playing. I wondered how they would take it. We had a few days to figure out what to say. Hopefully they’d take it well.



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