The Monday After

My principal knew that I had applied and was not accepted. But as Spring Break was ending I needed to tell him the new twist in the plot of my life. Bekkie and I agreed that Monday would be the day. For me it was the 1st Monday returning from Spring Break.

Driving, I thought about Bekkie. I wondered how her morning would go. I was nervous for her and for me. I really liked my job, loved my team and my students. I could see myself staying at the same school for years to come.

I was unloading my lunch into the refrigerator when my principal came into the teachers lounge. I decided that moment was as good as a any time to tell him the change in plans. I took a deep breath. “Hey Joe, I have some exciting news! Over break the school called and said they had a position open up and I accepted it.”

“ Wow, Tyler that is terrific, what an opportunity!”

I was relieved that he was excited about my adventure. “This is sad to say goodbye, but really exciting and will be a huge opportunity for my family and I to grow together and experience the world and other cultures and to get a incite on education from a totally different perspective.”

“Truly wonderful and I wish the best for you and Bekkie.”

He went on to tell me some things about being young and wishing he could have done something similar like this when he was younger. Though, I believe age doesn’t matter. It’s like pulling off a bandaid you just have to do it.

So there I did it! My teammates already knew, they were excited and saddened by the news, which was harder for me. Over the last six years teaching that my teammates at Frederick and Bacon have been more than coworkers they’ve been friends and family. We didn’t just share the work load and work day together we shared life with each other.

By conferences, I started telling a few parents, but had yet to tell my class. That would be hard too. This school year was full of loss for many of my kids. Parents had passed away and some faced moves of their own. I had begun to declutter my room a bit. A few kids would ask me about it and I’d be very sly and say. “ Yes, I going to Germany for Summer break.” Making it sound like I was going there for a vacation and not moving there. As the year was counting down so were the items and belongings in the room. I decided to tell my class about Germany.

Then the questions and comments rolled in. Everything from where Germany was to why. “Why are you moving to Germany?” “What’s in Germany that’s not here?” “I’ll miss you, I was hoping you’d be my 5th grade teacher next year.” “Mr. Messenger will you find me on istagram?” “Can I email you?” “Can my mom be your friend on Facebook?”

As a teacher these kind of comments melt your heart. To me it showed that I did have and played a part in their lives and their education. It meant a lot to be missed this much. I even received many parent emails who expressed their sadness because they had children still in the building that they wanted me to teach.

Knowing my team, those up and coming forth grade students will be in great hands. I’m confident they’ll do great. Of course I’ll miss them, and I’ll think of them and my team while I’m away.



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