We’re definitely not in Loveland anymore…

When we first moved, we couldn’t wait to immerse ourselves in a new culture. Having lived in Colorado for so long, we knew we were in for a big shock, but some things have really thrown us through a loop, some are easily accepted, and some can get quite frustrating. Here’s ten that we’ve noticed so far:

  1. Public toilets cost 0,50 Euro. Yes, you have to pay to go. So when your out and about let’s say TK-Maxx or out around town and you feel that certain urge you’d better have some change. The only loop hole I’ve found is that it’s a law here restaurants have to let you use the toilets, but not stores.
  2. While we are talking about poop, another fact is that the toilets here don’t fill up with water. When you go number two you always have a epic turd stain that won’t flush away. Some may find this gross, others exciting.
  3. People here remind me of people from the East Coast. Berlin natives describe them as “gruff.” Coloradans would describe them as cold. They don’t say hello or how’s it going because either they don’t care, its just their culture so don’t get offended.
  4. The dogs here are better behaved than your dog. Dogs are allowed to go everywhere, the grocery store, train (U-Bahn or S-Bahn), even department stores. The dogs just hang out; they don’t bark or sniff each other, or follow strangers.
  5. The German idea of American food is horrible.  How hard is it to make a burger? apparently, very. We have yet to eat at an American fast food chain, but when we do I hope it’s done right!
  6. So is movie theater popped corn. Evan and Dylan really wanted to watch Pixels the movie. We took them to the Sony Center for a 3-D American movie, and it was like being state side again. The only disappointment was the popcorn. Deidre Lock, you’d hate their popcorn.  They don’t offer butter as a choice only salty or sweet and they both fall short. Though you can wash the popcorn down with a beer.
  7. And so is salsa. Salsa here is ketchup. The bottle may say salsa, but it’s only ketchup.
  8. Berlin does have waste management under control. They recycle everything and even collect compost.
  9. Their public transportation is wonderful as well! You have so many choices to travel. Trams, underground or above-ground subway, buses and don’t forget their bike lanes which are on the side walk and not in the street. And that’s only travel within city limits. If you add connecting towns and countries then there’s so many more.
  10. Nudity is okay. Bekkie and I get to see this first hand every morning on our runs. Dylan once received advice from a couple of naked girls about how to jump off a tree into a lake. And now Evan has the urge to be naked or asks to be naked every time we go to the lake swimming as well.

Now that things have begun to get real here, with work starting for me and school for the boys, I am getting a bit homesick. There are times I’ll be doing something and suddenly I remember where I am. I’m living on the other side of the world in a completely new and different life with the most important people in my life. I’ve also met some of the greatest people ever too, going through the same process  and experience as me. So you might ask me, “would you still do this knowing what you know now?”, and I’d say “yes” with no hesitation!