The Eiffel Tower

Looking back, it probably wasn’t the best idea to take on the Eiffel tower on our first day. We’d already done a lot of walking, and the boys were tired. But Tyler and I get stir crazy when we sit for too long, and by too long I mean more than thirty minutes. It took some coaxing, and telling them that we’d get dinner at the end, but we managed to convince the boys to take the 40 minute stroll with us. If we left quickly, kept a solid pace, and didn’t stop we’d be there right at sunset, eek! I was thrilled about the potential pictures.
We started out at a great pace, but about 20 minutes in the boys were over it. Dylan complained about his sore legs and Evan’s mood had shifted from sweet little boy to rotten little monster. The two of them bickered back and forth, Evan decided to stop walking, and they both agreed that they didn’t like Paris anymore.
I reminded them that there would be food at the end of our walk, and offered piggy back rides, which they took. But they’re both getting bigger and the rides only lasted a few blocks.
30 minutes into the walk, we’d stopped so many times I lost count. I tried to encourage the kids, but with each few steps I could feel myself getting dragged into sourpuss station. The sun was setting. My back hurt, and I could see the tower still taunting me in the distance. It was so close yet so far. We were going to miss the shot I’d hoped for. But darn if we didn’t walk all the way for no reason. A shot in the evening was better than turning around… right?
Then the lights came on, first as a soft, yellow glow, then bright white, each light dancing around like sunlight reflecting on the snow. All four of us stopped and marveled at them. When we rounded the corner into the park, we were taken aback by the size of it and all of the intricate, ornate beams. We took a few pictures, sat under it for a while while we ate some snacks, debated taking a cab home, and promised the boys that we’d only make one stop the following day… The Louvre.

12088523_10205927799338239_7932372362541235055_n-2 IMG_0619-1 IMG_0621


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