Amsterdam: the city that stinks

“What is that smell? It stinks here.”

Those were Dylan’s first words when we got off the train in Amsterdam Central, and it came up time and time again as we walked around, mostly passing by “coffee shops.” Though being there with kids was a lot like being in Vegas with kids, we found a lot to do. On day one, drained from waking up at 4:00am to catch our flight, we went to the Anne Frank House and to the city square while we waited to get into our hotel room. The following day we toured the floating flower market, some flea markets, and an amazing brewery, along with Europe’s largest library. Then, on day three we went to the Van Gough Museum. The boys loved that!

We ate a lot of stroop waffles, tried the herring (cooked and raw… Dylan’s favorite was raw), and the food at Febo (deep fired gravy sticks out of a vending machine). We had dutch apple pie at Winkle 44, and burgers at The Butcher, both amazing restaurants.

When it was all said and done, we had a blast… we just had to be careful not to turn down certain streets, and to check before going into “coffee shops.”

Click here to watch a quick video that captures the highlights of our trip 🙂

Evan’s take on the trip:

On Thanksgiving I went to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we walked a lot. My dad went to get beer and we went to museums. The museum was about Vincent

VanGogh. And we went to the grocery store there. There were lots of different foods like waffle cookies. Would you like Amsterdam?