I was nervous about this month. I thought we’d feel lonely and homesick more than we have before. We had no travel plans, like the months leading up to this one, and no plans to do anything crazy in Berlin.

But December was amazing.

The days got shorter which allowed us to see some beautiful sunrises and sunsets on our outings. We visited five Christmas markets where we drank gluhwein and grogg while eating cookies and stollen. We volunteered with refugees, taking the entire family to the intake center, a heim, and a youth party. The boys loved every minute of that. They talked about how much they connected with the refugee kids, and they can’t wait to do more.

On Christmas day Tyler and I pranked the boys, wrapping some of their own things and a bottle of dish soap. They didn’t think it was funny, but we did (see the video). Then, on New Year’s Eve we ate Indian food, watched belly dancers, and we were nearly blown away by the fireworks (Not really. We were perfectly safe, Mom). On every street corner, and even in front of our house on a quiet street, people gathered to light off what we would consider “professional fireworks.” We also enjoyed jelly doughnuts on New Year’s Day, as per German tradition.

We’re so ready for this next year, to see all that it has to offer… up next is a trip to Brussels in January and Greece in February. Not too bad.

Click here to see a video recap of our December in Berlin 🙂



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