Spring Break in London

Spring break and London bound. The four of us, along with my parents took to the streets of London. This was the first vacation in our European travels where we could read the signs, speak with confidence and eaves-drop on other conversations. Needless to say, it was strange… in a good way.

London has to be one of my favorite skylines to date with a wide variety of architecture reaching to the cloudy skies above. As always, we ate our way through the city. Fish and chips, pasties, and Scottish eggs, we ate it all. Oh, and we drank it all too. Bitter beer in cask kegs, honey cappuccinos, and English tea at the curiosities museum.

We road the Underground (the Tube) and double decker buses, seeing the changing of the royal guards, the feeding of the pelicans, and the wide open country just outside the city. We even walked Abby Road just like The Beatles did. On Easter Sunday we visited a 250+ year old pub and not only drank cask ales, but participated in their yearly egg rolling contest in the street. The idea is that each person tosses a hard boiled egg the farthest they can without breaking it too much. The person with the farthest toss won free drinks. None of us won, but we still drank beers  and enjoyed some conversation with the locals.

One of our bucket list items was to find a library bar as well (beer and books seems like the perfect combination). On our third day we found a comic book library bar that sufficed. It had comics painted on the walls, skateboards hanging from the ceiling, and bookshelves full of comics to read.

We saw strange and unusual things at The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, and learned a lot at the Natural History Museum. It was great seeing my little brother Tim and we can’t wait to see him again soon, now that we all live in Europe!


Click here to watch a short video presentation of our trip.


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