Praha smells like noodle soup

On second thought, drinking copious amounts of coffee before getting behind the wheel for the first time in a year was probably not the best idea. When I wasn’t white-knuckling the steering wheel, or being honked at my cars as they whizzed by, their drivers yelling in German, my hands were shaking and my stomach felt like it might run away. Thankfully, though, it turns out that driving, like riding a bike, comes back to you. By the time the autobahn stretched out in front of us, my shoulders had descended to their regular position, and I was ready to enjoy the picturesque country side.
To say that the roads were pristine would be putting it lightly, they were the smoothest surface I’ve ever driven, no liter, potholes, skid marks or retreads lying about. The views alternated between fields of yellow blossoms to hills and valleys, old architecture and new, and the occasional windmill.

The drive, however, was only part of what made this trip so grand. Prague was amazing, the old buildings and streets, the food, and the beer were all worth experiencing.

Tyler found some really cool sculptures…

We saw the World Clock and the Dancing House…

Then we walked across the famous Charles bridge where street performers played violins, photographers sold their work, and statues of saints lined the walkway, we found the Lennon Wall and some pretty awesome views of the city.

On our last day we drove to Kunta Hora, a church decorated entirely with bones…

On the way home we were detoured. I was admittedly annoyed at first, but then we stumbled upon a little town named Altenberg. We were struck instantly by the Bavarian charm, and when we saw that there was an alpine slide, we had to stop.

In all, we had a blast on our trip. The boys loved it, even though they thought the entire town smelled like noodle soup :).

Here are a few more pictures from the trip…







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