Espania: The beach, the brews and the fartons

Oh Espaina…Or as I was hoping for was the European Mexico. Was I right? Yes and no. Going to Valencia, Spain was muy bueno! It was weird to be able to drink the water in a Spanish speaking county as well. and it was nice to get the chance to practice my ever rusty Spanish skills. Bekkie and I found ourselves speaking Deutsch when our vocabulary was lacking. This is a total 180 from when we moved to Germany when I would speak Spanish when I was flustered and couldn’t think of the right words.
The sun was out, the coastal breeze and beach were present. We ate our share of sea food like squid, cuttlefish, and other tapas and Spanish specialties like fartons (think: churro meats doughnut), paella, orxata, papas bravas, and churros. Valenica sure loves their Amstel beer which we stayed away from. But we did drink some Spanish beer on the beach as well as a tasty micro-brew. We also drank Piña Coladas and Agua De Valencia night caps. We also ate at a few non-Spanish establishments like a burger place, which again I’d have to say had better burgers than Berlin does. We also ate Döners (of course), and at a Mexican restaurant where we ordered al pastor tacos and burritos. We also made a guilty stop at Taco Bell. Ouch! Hurts to admit that. I also committed I believe another Valencian sin which was when we were at Horchateria de Santa Catalina I ordered a Horchateria and asked if I could have rum put in it. They we hesitant, but cash in hand rules.
The kids were at home in the Mediterranean Sea. They loved the water, the sand and even ignored the topless ladies and Speedo wearing old men which I had trouble with in keeping a straight face and not laughing. I have to say Valencian’s own it, no body issues there. The boys also had trouble understanding that they don’t use the Peso and use the Euro like we do at home.
We loved our Spanish adventure and came home with a ton of memories and a few treasures. They boys took home some old Spanish comics and we took home some sand and shells from the beach. We also bought some gifts for loved ones and chufas or tigernuts to make our own rum Horchateria here in Berlin.


Click here to see the a video slideshow.


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