The Truth About Why We Stopped Posting

It’s been a while since our last post. Almost a year, actually, and that’s because somewhere in the last year our overseas adventure began to feel more like home. When we first started this blog it was a way to share a two year wild ride in a foreign country with our friends and family. For a while we did. We posted after every trip and when anything big happened, and last summer we stopped. Our surroundings didn’t seem so foreign anymore. We all made friends. Our travels were exciting, but they were part of the life we’d slowly begun to build. Our wild ride turned into a life we could see ourselves living indefinitely. And that made our decision to leave really hard.
The truth is, when we came to Berlin I didn’t expect to make such amazing friends. I didn’t know that we’d be invited to work alongside missionaries reaching out to refugees whom I would come to love like family. I had no clue that our first landlords would go out of their way to help us settle in. Nor could I have guessed that the friends my kids have made would be so incredible, and understanding, and accepting. But we got all of that and more.
I cried quite a bit when we left our lives in the US. There were so many people that I would miss, but I was comforted by the thought of seeing them again in just two short years. That’s why leaving Berlin is proving to be even harder. When I step on the airplane that will take me back to the US, I will do so without any finite plans to return. Sure, there’s talk of visiting in future years. Tyler and I sometimes picture what it would be like to come back in five years to let our kids finish high school and go to college. But those thoughts are just what-ifs.
Berlin has been a wonderful home, and it’s with the fondest memories that we’ll look back on our time here.

**A few weeks ago Tyler posted the first of three announcements about our future plans… we wouldn’t be staying in Berlin. And now, for part two, I’d also like to tell you that we will not be returning Colorado (though we will be visiting this summer).

To be continued…



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